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“Your smile, a warm cup of tea and a wide, azure sky is all that I need for a perfect start of a day ” — Shahini.


Coz its New Year !!

Wish you all a very very ” Happy , Loved-filled, Healthy, Stylish , Fun-filled New Year” . I am getting regular complains for being irregular in blogging so I decided to post atleast something in this new year.

I am not a firm believer of making new year resolutions , as I think like promises we always end up breaking resolutions. Hence I decided not to post any resolution but post five of my favorite quotes which may help me in shaping a better “me” this year.

The five quotes are :

  1. Keep smiling as one day life will get tired of upsetting you .
  2. How badly you want it dictates how hard you will work at it.
  3. Dont forget to fall in love with yourself first.
  4. The future belongs to those who believes in the beauty of their dreams.
  5. Winning isnt everything, but wanting to win is ….


Keep smiling and I guess those 5 may become your favorite too 🙂

Being Beautiful (quote post)


This quote is not by some great personality, its a quote by me based on my personal feelings and thoughts.

I mentioned this quote along with the picture of this flower which I clicked because flower is one such God’s splendid creation which is not just beautiful by looks but gives immense joy to others.

So be beautiful like a flower !! Cheers !!

Swim Out Of Darkness !!


Everyone of us, in our lifetime undergo a dark phase atleast once. But God always sends an angel to give us company and make us swim out of the darkness. So whenever you are in darkness don’t get afraid or disheartened because remember soon God will send someone who will hold your hand and bring you out of it.

I am sharing this from my own experience which I learnt from Life.

The above picture which I clicked in a hotel aquarium reminds me of my guardian angel and how He guided me out of darkness..

Live and smile and make others smile…………

Heaven on Earth….


Both the pictures visible to you is taken by my fiancee Sushanta on the Bob Kerry Pedestrian bridge in Omaha Nebraska. He has sent the pictures to make me see and feel the beauty of nature which he experienced, as right now I am miles apart from him, but these were so damn beautiful that I thought of sharing with all of you. This picture shows what beauty nature holds. This place really makes me feel heaven exists on earth. I wonder how much more beautiful this place will be when I will see this place , standing in the arms of loved one.

You all can try visitng this place to enjoy the treat for eyes.

Hope you all will love it.


P.P.S Love you Sushanta (my bunny) for your these wonderful pics and making my blog look more beautiful..