Just a click !


“Your smile, a warm cup of tea and a wide, azure sky is all that I need for a perfect start of a day ” — Shahini.



Yes its the 25th Birthday of our world wide web. 25 years ago the first website of the world went live  on this date, which was just a basic text page with some hyperlinked words that was connected to other pages. The world will forever be grateful to Sir Tim Berners-Lee for transforming the 7 continents and 5 oceans into a small global village.


It is very difficult for us to imagine the world without web in modern days. We actually feel paralysed if the web does not work for few minutes even. Everything rather every information is available at our finger tips just because of this. We all are updated about every little incidents of the entire globe due to this beautiful creation. Many “impossible” were made “possible” because of this. Most importantly it brought hearts and minds all across the world so much closer.

Many at the same time feels because of this creation we actually went far from our close ones, as nowadays our eyes remain at our phone or laptops even when we are sitting with our families, friends or lovers.

But like every other creation of mankind I feel this is also a mix of good and bad. So let us cherish and celebrate the goodness of such life-changing technology on this special day.

Happy birthday to “www” !!!!!! Cheers………….

Photography Challenge 1:


One of my friends tagged me in a Photography Challenge week in facebook, where I am suppose to upload some of my favorites click over few weeks. So I decided instead of posting just in facebook let me share it with all of you.

I just like to click pictures, I am not a professional photographer neither I own any super good camera. I click pictures with my cellphone mainly just because I like to capture beauty, moments and events of my life !! Though my husband gifted me his nice digital camera of Canon with which I am planning to click more good pictures.

I am also a member of National Geograhic “Your Shot Photo” community. You can check my pictures at  ”  http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/profile/999509/ “.

Please feel free to share your thoughts about my photograhy 🙂

Cheers !!!!!

Mother’s love is the best Love !


Nothing in this world is as precious as the love of a mother . Whether its a human or animal or bird, a mother is always a mother. So a special painting by me which I painted quite a number of months back to depict motherhood and love of a mother.

Picture idea : google.

Some Kitty Moments !

Meowwwwwwwww !! Meowww !! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Meowwwwwww!!

This was the exact reaction of the kitty after it saw I was clicking its picture . Today I visited one of my relative’s house which is filled with different cats and kittens. I could not manage to click pictures of all of them as I am little scared to go too much near them :p

But since I am a die-hard kitty fan so had to capture these little sweethearts for my blog !!

I hope all cat lovers like me enjoy this post..




The Master Painter


You might wonder from my caption that whom am I referring to as the master painter !!

Its none other than our very own mother “nature”.

No matter how hard we try , we cant play with colours like nature does and this picture which was clicked by me in Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo is one the best example I believe..

Just enjoy the photograph as mother nature comes with the best and most wide palette of colours..

Happy World Photography Day !!


A very very Happy World Photography Day to all the photographers across globe !!!

Could not find a more better day to post this photo which is one of my personal favourite..

Flowers are one such creation of God which makes every photo beautiful and every photographer happy so decided to dedicate this picture to all who loves photography.

Keep clicking and keep spreading beauty !!