Golden Tulips…



soo short story (nine) !!!

She loved to sleep for long long hours..

Her parents thought she was ill.. Her peers thought she was lazy..

She knew it was only during her sleep , that she met “HIM” in dreams , held “HIM” tightly and loved “HIM” as much as she could.


Mother Birdy !!

Two little eggs  beside my window on the nest,

Watching fluffy mother birdy lay over it was the best.


So much love and care was sparkling through the eyes of mother birdy,

That it made me think of my own baby.


I opened the window pane just for fun,

But the caring mother birdy started twists and turns.


She looked ! as if with her I was in a state of war,

But I failed to explain “I wont harm coz i too am a would b mother !!”


I finally closed window for mother birdy to forget fear and rest,

Once again in my heart I realized Mothers are always the best …………


“This poem is dedicated to all mothers and would-be mothers of this world..”

This poem was written by me a year back when I went for a short trip in one of the famous tourist place of India and there was a nest as right outside the window pane of my hotel room. I watched the mother pigeon throughout the entire afternoon as I was super excited to see the nest and eggs so closely.. The love, care and warmth exhibited by the bird inspired me to write this poem.. Hope you all enjoyed it !!

P.S don’t copy this poem without permission.


Beat the Heat !!


What else can beat the heat of sweaty summer better than a large glass of tangy , yummy iced tea !!

Goshhhhhhhhh !! Just loved it ❤

P.S Avoid aerated drinks and opt for natural ones.