Back to blogging !


Finally back to blogging.

It has been months since I posted something on my blog. Too many changes in my personal life kept me quite busy as a result of which I neglected my blog. But better late than never so once again I am back. I received requests from many friends as well as fellow bloggers to post more frequently, and I myself too decided to do the same.

This June my blog turned 3 🙂 It was really a beautiful journey with all of you reading my posts, appreciating my thoughts, paintings, poems and everything which I posted for you all. Many of you even tried the recipes which I shared and gave me feedback . I actually feel overwhelmed when you all take out some of your precious time to go through my blog. A big thanks to each one of you.

Hope you all are going to come back to read my blog even in future and keep encouraging me to write more and more .

Cheerssssssss !!!!!!!


Even angels come down !


” Even angels come down ! ”

I believe that every woman is an angel and no matter how successful they are , they may come down to rest for a while. It doesn’t mean their journey is over . It just means they are gathering more strength before taking the next leap. So wait till the angel is back.

cheers to all the resting angels !!

Drawing courtesy : me, idea courtesy: google ..

Baby !




Touch of pink !!




#bedifferent #beproud !!!


Be different , be proud !! Don’t feel shy or ashamed or bad that you are different. Rather make your uniqueness your strength. Remember this will make you distinctly visible in the crowd and make you soar higher.

Just make sure you are uniqueness doesnot harm others 🙂

#bedifferent #beproud…


Happy Women’s Day..



Soo Short Story ! Fifteen…


People hanged dream catchers for having sweetdreams.

She never hung one. But from the day she met him , her each night was filled with a beautiful dream. She didnt buy a dream-catcher rather she found one whom she kept safely forever !!

P.S dedicated to my dream-catcher.. ❤

Pic courtesy : Google ..