Gift for Parents !!


What can be a better gift for your parents than your own drawing !!!

3rd May was the anniversary of my parents so I decided to gift them something special instead of regular gifts from store, so I decided to gift them a painting of my own. Thanks to google from where I got idea of this painting. I remember during my childhood I always made cards for them but as I grew up due to excess pressure of studies I could not make it for them any more. So this year when I have little time in hand after my job I decided to draw once again. To make it more special I framed it so that it can be with them forever.

You can also gift your dear ones something made out of your own hands as that involves your feelings and touch much more than expensive or ready made gifts from stores.

Go ahead and bring smile on lips of your dear ones.

P.S the signature named “munai” in the picture is actually mine as my nickname is munai 🙂


Being Beautiful (quote post)


This quote is not by some great personality, its a quote by me based on my personal feelings and thoughts.

I mentioned this quote along with the picture of this flower which I clicked because flower is one such God’s splendid creation which is not just beautiful by looks but gives immense joy to others.

So be beautiful like a flower !! Cheers !!

Life !! a flowing river.

This is a picture of a flowing river at the foot of a mountain which always made me realise its similarity with our lives. Like this river we too always keep moving inspite of having hurdles. In this fast competitive life we really dont have time to look back. This river too moves keeps flowing towards its destination without even flowing back.

The river is the habitat of lakhs of fishes and its water gives life to millions of trees and bushes growing along its bank just like the way we love our family members, friends and at times try helping others in our course of this little life.

Thus river is that gift of nature which describes our lives in the best way !!