Picture or Painting ??


Its picture or painting ???

I leave it on you to decide 😀 😀

HDR-ish leaf !!!


Photo editing is one of my most favourite job. I love to edit a single photo in multiple ways to see which looks more better.

So today I tried HDR-ish edit for the first time and somehow I liked it a lot.

Those who loves editing can try it !! It actually looks awesome…

soo short story (eight)…

One fine evening She suddenly turned into a thief.

But People didn’t call the police rather applauded and congratulated when she stole.

He also happily and blushingly allowed her to steal.

This time she stole his sirname just like He stole her heart two years back and the two thieves lived happily ever after..

P.s its my little story of life 🙂 ❤