Even angels come down !


” Even angels come down ! ”

I believe that every woman is an angel and no matter how successful they are , they may come down to rest for a while. It doesn’t mean their journey is over . It just means they are gathering more strength before taking the next leap. So wait till┬áthe angel is back.

cheers to all the resting angels !!

Drawing courtesy : me, idea courtesy: google ..


Swim Out Of Darkness !!


Everyone of us, in our lifetime undergo a dark phase atleast once. But God always sends an angel to give us company and make us swim out of the darkness. So whenever you are in darkness don’t get afraid or disheartened because remember soon God will send someone who will hold your hand and bring you out of it.

I am sharing this from my own experience which I learnt from Life.

The above picture which I clicked in a hotel aquarium reminds me of my guardian angel and how He guided me out of darkness..

Live and smile and make others smile…………

soo short story !! (one)

she loved someone so deeply that she started believing his abnormal traits as symbol of love.
they departed.

she fell for a stranger! but she felt unsecured, jealous, sad at times because in him the abnormal traits were missing which she still searched for.
she cursed her past.
she cursed herself for misunderstanding her Guardian Angel.

Womania ……. Dedicated to all women

It is believed some super natural force created this world, men are believed to be the creator of this universe but I believe we are the creator of new life, the preserver of existing beauties and for devils we are the destroyer.

We may or may not be beautiful in conventional sense to the world but each of us are beautiful in our own ways. Inspite of imperfections we are perfect in our own ways. We know how to love, care , share to the fullest. We carry on and move on with a smile inspite of having a broken heart. We are no less than men in any field. We know to rule with passion, rule with aggression, rule with kind heart. Technology, sociology, psychology, biology rather in each field women are standing tall equally like men.


All soft and hard shades are present in a woman at the same time may be that is why they are unique. We fail, we fall but again we get up with scars. We at times hold hands of men and show them light of the world once more.
We are jealous, we are insecured at times yet we keep loving.. We are at times played with yet we keep loving.

So this post is dedicated to all women of this world … Women keep going, rocking and ruling..

“women are angels, even if someone breaks our wings we continue to smile. we are that flexible”