Coz its New Year !!

Wish you all a very very ” Happy , Loved-filled, Healthy, Stylish , Fun-filled New Year” . I am getting regular complains for being irregular in blogging so I decided to post atleast something in this new year.

I am not a firm believer of making new year resolutions , as I think like promises we always end up breaking resolutions. Hence I decided not to post any resolution but post five of my favorite quotes which may help me in shaping a better “me” this year.

The five quotes are :

  1. Keep smiling as one day life will get tired of upsetting you .
  2. How badly you want it dictates how hard you will work at it.
  3. Dont forget to fall in love with yourself first.
  4. The future belongs to those who believes in the beauty of their dreams.
  5. Winning isnt everything, but wanting to win is ….


Keep smiling and I guess those 5 may become your favorite too 🙂


Cherish the light !!


A light amidst darkness. This picture is of a crystal lamp in my home. This picture always made me feel that may be without darkness we could not have cherished the light. The darkness in the background enhances the beauty of the light much more in this picture.

In life we all have dark past and have been through shades of darkness in various spheres starting from career to love life to desires and various different things. But I firmly believe its because of the darkness today we can enjoy and live the happiness we derive from light. So I guess the persons or incidents who made our lives dark should not always be blamed or cursed rather should be thanked once because the darkness they gifted helped us to cherish the light of today even more 🙂

LIFE — a colour

Life is just a word with “one” meaning in dictionary,
but I feel Life is one such word whose actual meaning requires an entire dictionary..
Life has a whole new different meaning in different phases..

The meaning of life is different for all and everyone..

A time comes when you believe someone became your Life but the very next moment due to various negative effects, frustations you want the life to end as soon as possible..

So what is this Life ?????

just a timespan???? just the moment we live???? just a characteristic distinguishing objects as mentioned in wikipedia????


I feel LIFE is just like white colour in the palette,

here the master painter is God and He amalgamates the various feelings, various moments, various desires, various experiences to create what is called life just like we mix all colours to produce white….