Baby !




A li’l error ! Oops Bug :p


Presenting in front of you a cute little “bug” gifted by nature and not a bug which causes headache to techies 😉

Enjoy !!!!


Photography Challenge 1:


One of my friends tagged me in a Photography Challenge week in facebook, where I am suppose to upload some of my favorites click over few weeks. So I decided instead of posting just in facebook let me share it with all of you.

I just like to click pictures, I am not a professional photographer neither I own any super good camera. I click pictures with my cellphone mainly just because I like to capture beauty, moments and events of my life !! Though my husband gifted me his nice digital camera of Canon with which I am planning to click more good pictures.

I am also a member of National Geograhic “Your Shot Photo” community. You can check my pictures at  ” “.

Please feel free to share your thoughts about my photograhy 🙂

Cheers !!!!!


White Beauty !!



HDR-ish leaf !!!


Photo editing is one of my most favourite job. I love to edit a single photo in multiple ways to see which looks more better.

So today I tried HDR-ish edit for the first time and somehow I liked it a lot.

Those who loves editing can try it !! It actually looks awesome…


My drawing – 2 …


My drawing again but this time with oil pastel 🙂