Being Beautiful (quote post)


This quote is not by some great personality, its a quote by me based on my personal feelings and thoughts.

I mentioned this quote along with the picture of this flower which I clicked because flower is one such God’s splendid creation which is not just beautiful by looks but gives immense joy to others.

So be beautiful like a flower !! Cheers !!


dream BIG !!


I always believe that unless we dream we cant achieve anything in life.. Many people always told me i am a “day dreamer” or just a “dreamer” which I personally took as offence at times but now I feel the opposite.. I feel great to call myself a dreamer now as I believe I could achieve things I wanted in life because I started dreaming since childhood.. Whether it is career or love life or social desires, I always did dream of each thing..

Dream big to get little,
dream small to get nothing……

So keep dreaming and keep enjoying !!!!

“” L-O-V-E “” – feel it, spread it :)


This picture made me realize that love is actually at our fingers tips and we need to spread it.. In this world of hatred and violence the utmost thing needed by each one of us is love. So when its available so easily why wait… Lets come and spread love allover.

p.s This picture was clicked by me today morning, the idea is ctrl c + ctrl v but clicked with my own fingers 🙂 🙂