The PricelesS AntiquE

This picture was clicked in a hilly terrain of Northern India named Nainital. Till date I myself dont know whether these purple ones are flowers or leaves. I tried searching in the net but could not find any answer to it.

This tree mesmerized me since the very first look. Its beauty made me speechless. It was standing amidst many green trees, but it looked like a beautiful QUEEN who was ruling the rest.

I heard from the local people that it was around some 70-80 years old. Indeed its a “Priceless Antique”.


World !! a tech village..

Yesterday when one of my close person shared his experience with me instantly one thing clicked in my mind i.e.. WORLD is now a GLOBAL TECH VILLAGE. Nowadays technology erased all boundaries and distances just to bring people closer and technologies are mix-matched from all corners of the globe for betterment of people.

Since my friend lives abroad (USA), he was helping his dad from 9000 miles away (India) to update a chatting app. So using skype he helped his dad update a popular chatting app on a “KOREAN” brand of mobile using “USA” based banking system in “India”.

Technology is the new uniting tool for the world .

We all are really blessed to be born in this techie era i believe.


This is the first post of my blog. So being a part of the Information Technology field I thought let me start my blog with a touch of I.T into it but as I already mentioned in my “ABOUT” that I am a Nature loving person, so could not stop myself from sharing with you all my most favourite picture of nature. This picture was clicked by me quite a number of years back when I was almost a kid. I thought this will give my blog a beautiful start.
In this world I feel nothing is more beautiful than flowers so this picture is dedicated to all my viewers to enjoy it’s beauty.

p.s somehow the title bar is not accepting symbols so i had to add ()