Soo Short Story ! Fifteen…


People hanged dream catchers for having sweetdreams.

She never hung one. But from the day she met him , her each night was filled with a beautiful dream. She didnt buy a dream-catcher rather she found one whom she kept safely forever !!

P.S dedicated to my dream-catcher.. ❤

Pic courtesy : Google ..


soo short story… (four)

She loved her parents as every other child does. She was very home sick and always clinged to her parents. But after growing up she usually never hugged them or adore them like she did in childhood.

But today before leaving, she wanted to hold them tight and say ” I LOVE YOU BABA MA” !! She could not control her tears.

P.s Baba Ma is father mother in vernacular.

Me and my Leisure ..


This picture taken by me well describes what I do in my leisure time. I am sure it matches with many of you who are currently viewing this.
By the way I always wanted to have a neon edited picture for my blog but never got the guts thinking it might not look good like the rest of the picture, but today finally after editing I liked it so published the picture..

Let me know whether my attempt is good or not !!!