Soo Short Story ! Fifteen…


People hanged dream catchers for having sweetdreams.

She never hung one. But from the day she met him , her each night was filled with a beautiful dream. She didnt buy a dream-catcher rather she found one whom she kept safely forever !!

P.S dedicated to my dream-catcher.. ❤

Pic courtesy : Google ..


So Short Story !! Fourteen !!

” Take your medicine ! It’s 9″ , He messaged while he was busy in a official meeting.

She realised it was his way to say ” I love you” !!

For her love blossomed again..



Soo short story !! Thirteen !!

After 8 years one day she found a CD with a very known handwriting, ” Songs MP3. With love “..

Once those were background music of her dreams but today they are just words with tune. And the known handwriting is now of a “stranger” !!!


Soo short story !! twelve !!

She was a born champ who loved accepting    Challenges..

She always won but fate made her lose in something special..

But Once again she took the most difficult challenge ever without accepting the defeat. The challenge “to trust and love again” !