Arty Fun !!!

nail clg Girls here is a special post for you all !! oops!! guys sorry because I guess it is not for you all 😉 Mood off ??? want to celebrate??? bored ??? want to artistic ??? whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! the answer is NAIL ART.. Just play with colours and your nail, and I am sure you will end up having huge huge fun.. You dont need to be a professional artist for making nail art, just let the colorful side of you come out and you will see a cute nail arty result…..

niSo girls/women who havent tried it just choose a nailpolish from store and start your session.. You all may add various glitters, nail stickers also to add extra glamour…

nnn P.S plsssss be very careful while choosing nailcolour as it may harm your nails..

P.P.S neon is the color of the season, try one…


Me and my Leisure ..


This picture taken by me well describes what I do in my leisure time. I am sure it matches with many of you who are currently viewing this.
By the way I always wanted to have a neon edited picture for my blog but never got the guts thinking it might not look good like the rest of the picture, but today finally after editing I liked it so published the picture..

Let me know whether my attempt is good or not !!!