Puppy Love !


This post is specially dedicated to the ones who were , are or will be in puppy love sometime ..

While drawing this I realised that indeed when we fall in love for the first time we are as innocent as the expression of the pups in the pic.. and may be that’s why it is one of the purest form of love ..

Cheers to the young lovers all across the world !!

soo short story… (four)

She loved her parents as every other child does. She was very home sick and always clinged to her parents. But after growing up she usually never hugged them or adore them like she did in childhood.

But today before leaving, she wanted to hold them tight and say ” I LOVE YOU BABA MA” !! She could not control her tears.

P.s Baba Ma is father mother in vernacular.

Reminiscences of childhood !!

Today while watching television suddenly I came across one of my favourite cartoon shows. It suddenly made thousands of childhood memories flash in my mind. Cartoons as always like every other kid was part and parcel of my life. But I usually watched selected cartoons. Cartoons always had an effect on me and my life.

My most favourite was Tom and Jerry, it was after watching tom and jerry that i decided to have a rat as a pet :p Though I considered Tom and jerry as my lucky cartoon too as after writing an essay on ” A DAY WITH TOM AND JERRY” I won the first prize. I still remember Popeye made me start liking spinach and made me include in my foodie list as I wanted myself to be as strong as him which my mom could not made me do 😀
Pingu, Mickey mouse club, Winnie the pooh, Noddy, Teletubbies, Popeye was in my list of favourites too. During my childhood starting from my pencil box to towels to dresses everything was of cartoon. My day and night used to start and end with cartoons.


But one day suddenly I realised I grew up, I was no longer watching cartoons anymore but somewhere deep within the heart I was still latently and madly in love with them. But in order to prove in front of others I grew up I never showed my love for cartoons anymore. Today after so many years when I saw the show I could not stop smiling enjoying and cherishing it. I feel somewhere dee within us we all are still a kid.

Let me know whats your favourite cartoon and whether you miss watching it like earlier days !!