The Eternal Love Story !!


The above is a little drawing by me. Many of you may wonder what does this picture symbolize !! So for those of you who are unaware of this, let me tell you that this is the picture of “RADHA-KRISHNA”, who are considered to be Gods in Hindu mythology and their love story is considered to be an eternal one. In India whenever we speak of love we think of the beautiful and most cherished love story of RADHA (female) and KRISHNA (male).

Radha-Krishna are known for their divine, pure and blissful love affair..

Hope you all liked my painting along with the tiny fact about Indian culture…


2 thoughts on “The Eternal Love Story !!

  1. Your artwork is a blessing and it is always good of you to keep us informed, should we be unaware of any Indian customs or Hindu mythology. I was really entranced by this lovely drawing, Shahini.


    • Hey thank you so so much. I always love to receive compliments from you. I will surely inform you all more about our culture which you will love for sure. Thanks once again for your support and inspiration.


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