Lie is right between Believe !!

” You are the one I loved but You made my heart bleed,

   You are the one about whom I cared but You made my tears slid..

You are the one I adored but You made my soul lonely,

You are the one I fought for but You touched me and lied so calmly..

You are the one to whom I surrendered all but You made me feel ditched,

You are the one who made me feel so lonely even after we were hitched..

I will never detach from You its true

But I cant love you like before which was as pure as a drop of dew..”

                                                                                      ———— Shahini


One thing I realized very well i.e.. one lie is much more powerful than hundreds of truth. One lie makes you forget all the love, care and affection that the person showered on you, Because the day you discover that the person lied to you then all his love and care becomes a question mark !!!

Please never lie to your loved ones ! Never ever ! The truth may hurt your loved ones but it wont make a permanent crack in their heart for sure !!

Be happy, be honest !!





Mood swings — the horrible one..

“happy – sad – jealous – irritated -happy – horrified – tired – insecured – angry”.. on n onnnnnn

Goshhh !!! Totally fed up with this MOOD SWINGS. I never understood the cause of mood swings but recently I am facing this very much. I am noticing that within minutes my moods are changing.


Sometimes I am very happy, the very next moment I am sad thinking of some unhappy moments which took place in my life, then again I am becoming romantic, but suddenly then I am feeling insecured thinking I may loose my love etc etc etc. Even while reading books or listening songs some particular incident is getting triggered in my memory which in turn is causing a mood swing :/

I knew human nature was strange but now I realize human moods are strange too. I fail to realize why we remember the bad or unhappy moments more than the good ones, even when a person floods your life with happiness we tend to remember the little moments when we felt hurt and brag about that in mind for many years. Is our brain designed by God in such a way that it is easier for us to remember the sad moments more frequently than the happy ones ??? or else is it we ourselves who try to gain attention and empathy by being sad ???

Neways I don’t know how long this mood swings will keep irritating me… But lemme know if have any solution..

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