soo short story (seven)…

She loved monkeys so she called her most loved ones as “MONKEY”. Maximum people felt offended and misunderstood her. They failed to understand her love.
But an year later she wrote “MONKEY” to someone and HE replied “LOVE YOU MRS.MONKEY”.

She realised from the bottom of heart that finally she found her monkey of dreams 🙂

Love Is In The Air..


I feel so happy sharing this picture here as it was clicked and sent to me by the most special person of my life. He clicked this picture at Nebraska, USA during his visit to the university. Though He keeps sending me beautiful pictures of flowers quite often but somehow I fell in love with this picture a bit more. This flower is as beautiful as He made my life. This is indeed a personal picture but I guess you all can share it with your loved ones too, because I am sure this will bring a big smile on the face of your dear ones as it brought on mine.
Enjoy this picture with the person closest to your heart.

P.S Dedicated to all those who are deeply in love like me..

P.P.S Please dont be offended because I mentioned him with “H”, to me He is like my God so I mentioned. No offence is indicated.