soo short story !! (one)

she loved someone so deeply that she started believing his abnormal traits as symbol of love.
they departed.

she fell for a stranger! but she felt unsecured, jealous, sad at times because in him the abnormal traits were missing which she still searched for.
she cursed her past.
she cursed herself for misunderstanding her Guardian Angel.

Secret of success

“There is a limit to everything” !! This is the one line which is said by all of us often rather its felt by many of us. But recently after going through a stormy phase of my life I started believing that there is only one thing which is limitless i.e PATIENCE. When I was having sleepless nights, eyes filled with tears, off beat mood then my parents and one of my closest person went on saying “HAVE PATIENCE”, but I was always reluctant to hear this but somewhere deep within my heart I did hold on the patience. The patience gave me hope of a better tomorrow, the patience gave me strength to carry on with my works n duties with a smile, the patience helped me have faith on my ownself.


Today standing at this point of my life I can say that “yes !! the patience of yesterday grew a sunny bright today in my life”. It helped to reach or achieve the success which I always prayed and worked for.

I want to thank everyone who made me understand the key to success i.e PATIENCE..

I believe like me many of you may be going through a tough time in life so I would suggest you to have patience because I am sure like me one day you will smile too coz of patience..