Love like Nottinghill @ Nebraska !!


This is one of the pictures clicked by my husband and edited by me which is deeply treasured by me.

Whenever I look at this picture I somehow get transfixed due to its beauty.

This picture always reminds me of Anna and Williams and its beautiful garden chair from the movie Nottinghill. I always feel this is a perfect chair for the couple madly in love to hold their hands and cherish the scenic beauty.

I wish when I and my husband will become very old and come almost to the end of our life then will sit on this chair, gaze into eachother’s eyes and recollect all the little and sweet memories which we stitched together..

What say?? Isnt it a nice and romantic idea??

I feel after looking at this picture many of you must have thought like me.



ADIEU 2014…. Love you !!

2014 !! 2014 !! 2014 !!

This is one such year about which no matter how much I speak it will be less.

This was that year of my life for which I waited since childhood. Though it may be boring for you all to read this post as it captures only the special moments of 2014 from my life.

This year basically turned me not only into a complete independent women but also a women with all the happiness of the world.

I would like to keep it short regarding why 2014 is a special year for me. Firstly because 2014 january was the month when I was engaged to my fiancee.


Next in the month of April I had my first international trip i.e.. to New York City (trip of a lifetime) that to for an international championship by an world famous MNC like IBM in the field of computer science, where I was even awarded the position amongst top 6. will surely write an entire post about this trip and contest later. This trip will always be extra special because this was my first international trip with fiancee, we really had the most romantic and best time.


Thirdly this year june I graduated with my engineering degree with Information Technology as major.

Fourthly it is again 2014 july when I received my first job offer from IBM and astonishingly at a much prestigious post than expected. Finally I joined the company in August.

Then lastly comes the one of the most special and significant event of my life i.e my wedding bells rang in the first week of december. I became Mrs. Rakshit from Ms. Sengupta. My prince sweeped me off my feet and took me to the world of love and care forever…………


Hence you all can see how important, worth cherishing, worth loving year it was for me… I just pray and hope that next year becomes as special as it was this year..

Wish you all a very HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR !!!!! Keep smiling, loving and ofcourse keep blogging 🙂 ❤

lots of love………………

Mood swings — the horrible one..

“happy – sad – jealous – irritated -happy – horrified – tired – insecured – angry”.. on n onnnnnn

Goshhh !!! Totally fed up with this MOOD SWINGS. I never understood the cause of mood swings but recently I am facing this very much. I am noticing that within minutes my moods are changing.


Sometimes I am very happy, the very next moment I am sad thinking of some unhappy moments which took place in my life, then again I am becoming romantic, but suddenly then I am feeling insecured thinking I may loose my love etc etc etc. Even while reading books or listening songs some particular incident is getting triggered in my memory which in turn is causing a mood swing :/

I knew human nature was strange but now I realize human moods are strange too. I fail to realize why we remember the bad or unhappy moments more than the good ones, even when a person floods your life with happiness we tend to remember the little moments when we felt hurt and brag about that in mind for many years. Is our brain designed by God in such a way that it is easier for us to remember the sad moments more frequently than the happy ones ??? or else is it we ourselves who try to gain attention and empathy by being sad ???

Neways I don’t know how long this mood swings will keep irritating me… But lemme know if have any solution..

01Aug2013 _ghbhkjhbn (17)