Cherish the light !!


A light amidst darkness. This picture is of a crystal lamp in my home. This picture always made me feel that may be without darkness we could not have cherished the light. The darkness in the background enhances the beauty of the light much more in this picture.

In life we all have dark past and have been through shades of darkness in various spheres starting from career to love life to desires and various different things. But I firmly believe its because of the darkness today we can enjoy and live the happiness we derive from light. So I guess the persons or incidents who made our lives dark should not always be blamed or cursed rather should be thanked once because the darkness they gifted helped us to cherish the light of today even more 🙂


Highly Haunted !!!


This is the picture taken by me last week. This picture is not edited apart from the border and the watermark, somehow I found this house quite scary. The natural effect through the glasses of my car made this building look haunted..

Its my dream to spend a night in the haunted house ( with lots of people though :p )…….
Those of you who believe in ghosts enjoy the pic ….