I want !!!

I wana fly with you in ecstasy,
I wana sail and swim with you for long in deep blue sea..

I wana to hold your hand and feel the heated sand of desert,
I wana to visit with you the entire world and its each little part..

I wana dance with you in the rain,
I wana run with you through the beautiful valleys like insane..

Come and quickly hold my hand !!
lets go, see the world and enjoy sea, hills, sky and land……………………..

(P.S a little poem which described what I want in few words.
Here whom I mean by “YOU” I guess people can well understand ❤ )


The PricelesS AntiquE

This picture was clicked in a hilly terrain of Northern India named Nainital. Till date I myself dont know whether these purple ones are flowers or leaves. I tried searching in the net but could not find any answer to it.

This tree mesmerized me since the very first look. Its beauty made me speechless. It was standing amidst many green trees, but it looked like a beautiful QUEEN who was ruling the rest.

I heard from the local people that it was around some 70-80 years old. Indeed its a “Priceless Antique”.