Dark Truth :)



p.s I love this picture because of its spooky effect 🙂 Hope you all gonna enjoy too 🙂


Love like Nottinghill @ Nebraska !!


This is one of the pictures clicked by my husband and edited by me which is deeply treasured by me.

Whenever I look at this picture I somehow get transfixed due to its beauty.

This picture always reminds me of Anna and Williams and its beautiful garden chair from the movie Nottinghill. I always feel this is a perfect chair for the couple madly in love to hold their hands and cherish the scenic beauty.

I wish when I and my husband will become very old and come almost to the end of our life then will sit on this chair, gaze into eachother’s eyes and recollect all the little and sweet memories which we stitched together..

What say?? Isnt it a nice and romantic idea??

I feel after looking at this picture many of you must have thought like me.


soo short story !! (two)

One fine afternoon . It was too sunny, she was waiting for her favourite food to be delivered. She hated the sun . Standing in the queue he came closer and in front of her to give shade. They looked deep into each others eye and fell in love once again.

She knew He was her MR.PERFECT. She started loving the sun and waited for the sun to be there forever 🙂 ❤

p.s I guess my this short story of life resembles that of many of you lovebirds..

“” L-O-V-E “” – feel it, spread it :)


This picture made me realize that love is actually at our fingers tips and we need to spread it.. In this world of hatred and violence the utmost thing needed by each one of us is love. So when its available so easily why wait… Lets come and spread love allover.

p.s This picture was clicked by me today morning, the idea is ctrl c + ctrl v but clicked with my own fingers 🙂 🙂