1 lie > 100 truths, love, care??

I know you may find this topic to be quite bizarre as I usually don’t write posts about such topics . But I wanted to write on this particular theme from a very long time .

Many a times during my discussion with my friends or near ones I heard that they are not being able to trust their loved ones anymore inspite of knowing how much love still exists between them .Many years back I remember myself lying to one of my close person and how from that very moment the person kept doubting me forever . I found this very strange always. I always thought that if I know ‘someone loves me truly’ then even if he/she lies for one time it won’t matter much rather I thought everyone must feel the same way. But some months back I myself underwent a phase where I caught one of my loved ones lying to me. And very  astonishingly it was not very easy for me to accept as I thought it would be . And just like others I couldn’t trust the person blindly anymore like I used to do previously. But I know why the person lied to me and how much that person loves me but still somehow at the back of my mind the thorns of the lie keeps pricking. And at times no matter what beautiful things the person does for me, I am not able to trust anymore . At that very particular moment I feel whatever the person is doing for me is all fake, even maybe the love is fake .. That one lie makes me forget thousands of beautiful moments that the person gifted, the love that the person showered on me or the care which that person continues to exhibit.

Does this mean one lie is more powerful than love, care and hundreds of more truth?

This is one question which I am sure many of us have felt in life in some point of time or the other. Many of us have not found the answer to it yet. But somehow I myself tried to find this answer and from my point of view I felt our minds attract the negatives more than positive. And since being matured persons we use our brains more than our hearts, so we like to believe the lies more than the deep truth which is known to the heart. I guess if we would have paid a little more heed to heart instead of mind then surely love, care and truth would have been the winners instead of lies..

I know it’s easy to say but difficult to follow but still would request all of you to give it a thought as it might save many relations from breaking and may help build the blossom of love once again..


Keep loving and keep being honest !!!



3 thoughts on “1 lie > 100 truths, love, care??

  1. See first of all Love can never be fake. Its the trust that strengthens or weakens any bond.
    Now coming to lying If any particular person has lied and we find out the truth our self it really hurts in the first place but after calming down we must think why or what was the reason that made him/her lie?? Secondly we should confront the person directly and ask him the reason for the shocking behavior as in many case it has been seen a confrontation with a positive intent tends to clear out the clouds of misunderstanding or we may find out that the lie said by the person benefited us unknowingly or he had lied to us for our own benefit at that very moment. That is the positive aspect and now coming to the negative aspects if a person keeps lying frequently to his near and dear ones then that person is never trustworthy or may be vindictive and it that cases the person should be avoided or in other words its better to let go that person coz if that very person can lie to us for small and petty matters then it would never be possible for us to bring that person in the right track and if we do not let go such fools in time then its only us who suffers for our decision we have taken.
    Hope this clears your doubt…


  2. I think herein lies the difference of outlook between a pragmatist, a pessimist and an optimist. But then to each his own. Very nice read. 🙂


  3. Bizzare: No; Relevant: Yes, very much

    You have brought out a very contentious topic in these ultra modern times where live-in relations are becoming a norm amongst the urban youth. It becomes quite difficult to trust someone when both get into a commitment as easily as they get these days. We see very young people (barely into their teens) getting “involved” with their close friendS, only to realise later that they would have been better off as friends. Its quite common to see such cases. There you sow the seeds of expectations and hence the pressure of keeping up to them. We at times break the bond of trust but not really mean it. A good matured dialogue is neccesary in such cases which doesnt really happen.


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