Love you “Whatsapp” !!

Whatsapp !! whatsapp !! whatsapp!!

O my God..!! today I realised how much these chatting apps have become part and parcel of our lives. I moved to a new city last week and due to some problems I was not been to connect to the whatsapp, this really started affecting my life. Strangely I was feeling so restless, horrible within since I was unable to connect with my loved one who lives in a country far away from that of mine. Earlier when these apps was not there a phone call or a single sms brought a big smile and made the heart skip a beat but now if we cant chat 24*7 we feel suffocated.

So basically I wonder how day by day technology is getting integrated in out lives. Our movements, our action and most importantly our emotions are getting ruled by technology and apps..

May God bless science and apps 🙂 🙂


3 thoughts on “Love you “Whatsapp” !!

  1. I have a problem with this post. Being a former engineer and then scientist I am for science. But I see that science and apps brought a lot of negative things in our lives (instead of being outside, exercising or reading I am spending hours enjoying emails or learning about apps). Life is not easy but still wonderful! 😉

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  2. God Bless Whatsapp for sure! 🙂 But I wonder what would happen one day if a catastrophe knocks out power across the world for a long long time … but I guess then we will have far greater things to worry about than Whatsapp !! 😀 But again, thank heavens its back. 🙂


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