soo short story (three)

She finally touched her dream. Everyone praised and wished her. She was getting wrapped with happiness. But she had to leave her home, her favourite bed, her study table, her toys, her books and mainly her parents.

She realised she didnt touch her dream rather moved out of dreamland and stepped into reality.


5 thoughts on “soo short story (three)

  1. I’m sure you’ll be fine 🙂
    At first it is hard to leave the house you used to live in, but in a couple of months you’ll be even better because you’d have found your own house and with it your own life. Though probably you’ll still calling your parent’s house home (at least I still do it after 6 years :P).

    P.S: I see you’re changing your blog’s theme style, black background better than the red one 😀

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    • Hey Aaron thank you for the support 🙂 I hope your words turn true .. Ans yes parents home will be heaven for me forever…
      P.S glad you liking this theme 😀 leme know if ever I choose a stupid one :p


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