Hungry ???


OH MY !! I still cant forget this plate of desserts.. yumilicious choco cheese cake..

now for your visual treat 🙂


6 thoughts on “Hungry ???

  1. what the hell?? Where did you get that picture…??? Do you know I am still craving for that Coffee Cake…!! I have been telling my friends I wanna have it again. I never got the same Coffee Cake again….I went to New York on 4th July weekend…!! But i dint get to have that Coffee Cake…!! Now that I have the picture but not the Cake… Its making me more craazzyyyyyyy…!! I want that Coffee Cake…!!


    • hey mugdhe,
      I took this pic right on that day so that I can fulfill my craving with the view atleast :p yesterday while posting I was thinking of you. rem how we shared the different flavors? missing the cakes a hell lot..


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