World !! a tech village..

Yesterday when one of my close person shared his experience with me instantly one thing clicked in my mind i.e.. WORLD is now a GLOBAL TECH VILLAGE. Nowadays technology erased all boundaries and distances just to bring people closer and technologies are mix-matched from all corners of the globe for betterment of people.

Since my friend lives abroad (USA), he was helping his dad from 9000 miles away (India) to update a chatting app. So using skype he helped his dad update a popular chatting app on a “KOREAN” brand of mobile using “USA” based banking system in “India”.

Technology is the new uniting tool for the world .

We all are really blessed to be born in this techie era i believe.

2 thoughts on “World !! a tech village..

  1. Technology is the genie-in-a-lamp of today. Think of something today and tomorrow there will be a technology to address that ….


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